ownerSteve Youngs
last changeSat, 4 Apr 2020 00:19:06 +0000 (10:19 +1000)
2 days ago Steve YoungsFix -- #'directory-files{,-recur} MATCH arg handling... master
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraFix some long lines in dired.c
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraAdd match-full option to directory-files{,-recur}
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraAdd to directory-files SYMLINK_IS_FILE and BLOOM_FILTER...
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraFix directory-files{,-recur} detection of symlinks...
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraUse 'subdir as per (directory-files) documentation
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraRemove #if 0 varargs
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraUpdate directory-files{,-recur} argument checking
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraRemove unused #ifdef USE_MATCH_ARG
2 days ago Nelson FerreiraAllow pathname_matches_p to be called if match is predicate
4 days ago Steve YoungsGNU Compat -- Add WHEN and DOC args to #'define-obsolet...
9 days ago Steve YoungsFix issue with find-file-magic-files-alist and TRAMP
2020-03-23 Steve YoungsTexinfo 6.7 fixes
2020-03-17 Steve YoungsEnsure #'magic:find-file-noselect creates unique buffers
2020-03-15 Steve YoungsUpdate alist.el -- Use the newer version from APEL.
2020-03-15 Steve YoungsUpdates from Nelson
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