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last changeSat, 25 Sep 2021 03:27:51 +0000 (13:27 +1000)
2021-09-25 Steve YoungsBuild Fix -- compatibility issue with newer autoconf master
2021-04-08 Steve YoungsBuild Fix -- Remove some duplicate symbol defs to appea...
2021-04-08 Steve Youngsffi-magic -- Fix #'magic:find-file-noselect unbound...
2020-09-02 Steve YoungsPrevious release's ChangeLog
2020-09-02 Steve YoungsSXEmacs v22.1.17 is released! v22.1.17
2020-08-31 Steve YoungsUpdates to my about.el bio.
2020-07-04 Steve YoungsPKG-Related tweaks / improvements
2020-04-21 Steve YoungsAutotools updates and fix FFI detection
2020-04-21 Steve YoungsUpdate configgmp.{guess,sub} from GMP v6.2.0
2020-04-20 Steve YoungsBuild Fix -- FFI auto-detection via pkg-config
2020-04-19 Steve YoungsImprovements to #'directory-files, #'directory-files...
2020-04-18 Nelson FerreiraImprove directory-files{,-recur} options
2020-04-18 Nelson FerreiraRemove SYMLINK-IS-FILE argument
2020-04-18 Nelson FerreiraProvide full pathname in docstrings for loaded modules
2020-04-18 Nelson FerreiraAddress failure to file of alias definition after it...
2020-04-18 Steve YoungsTurn off PDF support in ffi-wand.
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8 years ago devkey.NF PGP Key for Nelson Ferreira <njsf...
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