ownerSteve Youngs
last changeTue, 28 May 2019 12:27:24 +0000 (22:27 +1000)
2019-05-28 Steve YoungsAmazing the difference a paren can make, including... master
2019-05-28 Steve YoungsGet glibc version with a distro-agnostic check.
2019-05-26 Steve YoungsAlways use the system malloc (removes gmalloc.c malloc.c).
2019-05-17 Steve YoungsBuild fixes for recent libc versions (post glibc 2.19)
2016-10-26 Steve YoungsMake #'require's NOERROR arg do its job properly.
2016-10-25 Steve YoungsAdd the 'noerror' argument to #'require.
2016-10-01 Steve YoungsEMchat is https as well
2016-10-01 Steve YoungsAll of SXEmacs' http URLs are now https. WooHoo!
2016-09-15 Steve YoungsFix font-lock-add-keywords (Closes bug 184)
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsTake care of fallout from updating/fixing #'eval-after...
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsLet #'eval-after-load accept symbol for FILE arg
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsMake #'eval-after-load DTRT for dumped lisp (Closes...
2016-06-05 Steve YoungsLet's not do "Pre-Release" packages.
2016-06-01 Steve YoungsAutomake/Libtool warning fix/suppression
2016-05-31 Steve YoungsDisplay a better version of the truth in the configure...
2016-05-30 Steve YoungsImprove the configure summary output.
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