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ownerSteve Youngs
last changeThu, 11 Jun 2015 00:23:01 +0000 (10:23 +1000)
2015-06-11 Steve YoungsPrevent an args-out-of-range error during login/out for-daiki master
2015-06-01 Daiki UenoFix byte-compile error
2015-06-01 Steve YoungsUpdates/improvements -- riece-xfaceb
2014-11-03 Hideki YamaneRespect $(DESTDIR) when installing elc files
2014-11-03 Daiki UenoFix error in riece-log test
2014-05-17 Daiki UenoDon't use the removed second argument of make-face
2014-04-23 Steve YoungsAdd some eye-candy to desktop notifications
2014-04-17 Steve YoungsInclude the message sender in desktop notification
2014-04-17 Daiki UenoPrevent notifications from firing more than once per...
2014-04-16 Daiki UenoUpdate .gitignore
2014-04-15 Daiki Uenobuild: Add gnulib as submodule
2014-04-15 Daiki Uenobuild: Use git-version-gen from Gnulib
2014-04-15 Daiki Uenobuild: Fix "make dist"
2014-04-15 Daiki Uenodoc: Move Japanese docs under doc/ja/
2014-04-15 Daiki Uenobuild: Switch to bootstrap from Gnulib
2014-04-15 Steve YoungsFix -- user list buffer not updating when parts are...
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