* riece-options.el (riece-channel-history-length): New user option.
[riece] / lisp / riece-server.el
2003-08-27 Daiki Ueno* riece-options.el (riece-channel-history-length):...
2003-08-25 Daiki Ueno* riece.el (riece-dialogue-mode-map): Bind riece-comman...
2003-08-17 Daiki Ueno* riece-options.el (riece-quit-timeout): New user option.
2003-08-04 Daiki UenoMerge strict-naming branch.
2003-06-03 Daiki Ueno(cf. the last paragraph of `kill-buffer' docstring)
2003-06-03 Daiki Ueno* riece-rdcc.el: Require 'riece-ctcp.
2003-06-03 Daiki Ueno* riece-server.el (riece-server-keyword-map): `:coding...
2003-05-31 Daiki Ueno* riece-server.el (riece-open-server): Simplify message.
2003-05-31 Daiki UenoFixed.
2003-05-31 Daiki Ueno* riece-filter.el (riece-sentinel): Simplified.
2003-05-31 Daiki Ueno* riece-filter.el (riece-sentinel): Close process even if
2003-05-31 Daiki Ueno* riece-server.el (riece-open-server): No need to reset
2003-05-31 Daiki Ueno* riece-filter.el (riece-sentinel): Don't call riece...
2003-05-30 Daiki Ueno* riece-display.el (riece-configure-windows): Select...
2003-05-30 Daiki Ueno* Makefile.am (elc): Renamed from "compile".
2003-05-29 Daiki UenoInitial revision