2015-12-15 Steve YoungsUpdate and fix Amazon links and store.
2015-05-18 Steve YoungsLink to our gitweb
2015-05-18 Steve YoungsLink in
2015-05-12 Steve YoungsBring website stats back.
2015-05-12 Steve YoungsRemove commit log RSS menu items.
2014-02-28 Steve YoungsClose Bug 164 from Nelson
2014-02-28 Nelson FerreiraMake sure lefthalf absolute position starts at 0 for...
2012-06-16 Steve YoungsNew release
2012-06-16 Steve Youngs[ Replace this line with a one-line summary of the...
2012-03-08 Steve YoungsGet rid of adsense
2012-03-08 Steve YoungsRemove Google Adsense
2012-03-08 Steve YoungsRIP FriendConnect
2012-03-08 Steve YoungsRemove Google FriendConnect.
2011-06-24 Steve Youngs... Add a redirect to my SXEmacs/LJ
2011-03-13 Steve YoungsRelease day updates
2011-03-04 Steve YoungsMove from using Google Analytics to Piwik
2010-11-28 Steve Youngs... fix the .htaccess files
2010-11-24 Steve YoungsUpdate Dreamhost image
2010-11-18 Steve YoungsAdd webstats to gitignore
2010-11-18 Steve Youngs... Fix .htaccess
2010-11-18 Steve YoungsMake /hosting redirect to my Dreamhost affiliate link
2010-11-10 Steve Youngs... Add docs/cl to .gitignore
2010-11-06 Steve YoungsAdd backup files to .gitignore
2010-11-06 Steve YoungsSome friendly comments in .gitignore
2010-11-06 Steve YoungsAdd favicons to .gitignore
2010-11-05 Steve Youngs... Make it impossible to clone the live site
2010-11-05 Steve YoungsRevert to .htaccess, and put one into the .git dir...
2010-11-05 Steve YoungsI'll get this .htaccess right... sooner or later
2010-11-05 Steve Youngs3rd time's the charm, for sure
2010-11-05 Steve Youngs2nd attempt at denying .git directory
2010-11-05 Steve YoungsDeny access to .git dir on live site
2010-11-05 Steve Youngs... Add generated stuff to .gitignore v1.0.0 v1.0.1
2010-11-05 Steve Youngs... Initial git import