SXEmacs 22.1.16 "Hillman Hunter" has been released!

22.1.16 Higlights


SXEmacs 22.1.15 "Goggomobil" has been released!

22.1.15 Higlights


SXEmacs 22.1.14 "Geo" has been released!

22.1.14 Highlights

This release cycle was all about upating all of the versioning information and the build chain to be compatible with git.


SXEmacs switches to git

People have been asking for it ever since we started this project. Well, it is now a reality… The SXEmacs sources are now kept in a git repository.

The migration went very smoothly, a lot smoother than I was anticipating. Which was nice. There was one downside, however… History. We lost all of the history up to this point. Technically, it's not completely lost. It is just not in the git repo. You can still get all the history you could ever want by leeching the tla repos. And don't forget that when we first forked from XEmacs we lost all of the XEmacs CVS history. That never caused any problems or issues, so I don't expect it to this time.

As of right now, the SXEmacs git repo is open for business. You can get our latest sources with…

git clone

That URL is deliberately not a hyperlink because you can only get to that URL with a git client.

Till next time…


SXEmacs 22.1.12 "Fiat" has been released!

22.1.12 Highlights

New src hierarchy
src/database has the database code
src/ent has the "Enhance Number Types" code
src/events has the "events" code
src/media has all the multimedia code
src/mem has memory related code
src/mule has the MULE stuff
src/ui has the UI code common to all toolkits
src/ui/Gtk has the old (non-working) GTK 1 code
src/ui/TTY has the TTY UI code
src/ui/X11 has the X11 UI code
src/ui/lwlib has the Lucid stuff


We Are Still ALIVE!!

Contrary to popular opinion, this project is still very much alive and kicking. Sure, sometimes we take extended breaks, but we always come back to "tinker". :-) A lot has been going on in the lives of us mortal develpers during this last year. The unfortunate thing for SXEmacs was that not much of the goings on were SXEmacs-related. Which is why you've not seen much in the way of activity here for the last year.

A few of the more notible SXEmacs-related things that did happen in the last 12 months have been…

That's about it on the news front. Hopefully we'll be able to cut a new release some time fairly soon. My hope is for before the end of the year.

Till next time…


Website updates

The SXEmacs website has undergone a bit of work recently. Hopefully it'll make your stay more enjoyable, and you'll want to come back again and again. Bring your friends!

Some of the new stuff…


SXEmacs 22.1.10 "Excalibur" has been released!

22.1.10 Highlights


Chat with the developers

Do you have a SXEmacs problem that can't wait for email to go back and forth? Or do you have some amazing new feature you'd like to see in SXEmacs but can't wait to tell someone? Or perhaps you just wanna shoot the breeze? Well your troubles are over…

The SXEmacs web site now offers real-time chat with the developers. See the "SXEmacs Chat" menu entry on each page, or follow this link.


News RSS feed back up!

Yep, that's right. After years of no news RSS, it has finally been fixed. Many thanks and kudos to Hynek Schlawack for the sexy new Python script that RSS-ifies the entries on the SXEmacs news page.


Mailing list subscriptions fixed!

Subscribing to the mailing lists is now working again. Please accept our deepest apologies for taking so long to get this issue sorted out. It was some corruption in the affected lists' config.pck and the backups were corrupt as well. Removing the lists and then recreating them solved the problem. The original member db remained intact, as did the archives, so all being well everthing should just work.


Updated items in the shop!

You've seen the blood-dripping beta logo, now you can get that on your T-shirt, or coffee mug, even on a courier bag, or wall clock. Go check out the shop!


Behind the scenes updates to SXEmacs website

We've made a few changes under the hood at the SXEmacs website. Pretty much all of the HTML has been re-written from the ground up. And if Steve did it right, you shouldn't notice a thing. :-) Almost all of the changes made were designed to do 2 things…

  1. Preserve look/feel across entire site
  2. Easier maintenance for the webmaster


SXEmacs website offers retail therapy

Do you need retail therapy? We can help. We've just added two outlets for your frustrations. One for the memorabilia junkie at our SXEmacs Store. And one for those special occasions at our Amazon Store.

Be sure to check them both out, and spend up big! :-) All the proceeds go to keeping the SXEmacs Project running.


SXEmacs 22.1.9 "Edsel" has been released!

22.1.9 Highlights


SXEmacs 22.1.8 "Daimler" has been released!

22.1.8 Highlights


SXEmacs switches to GPLv3

Most of the source code in SXEmacs is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). Today SXEmacs switched to the latest version of the GPL, GPLv3.


SXEmacs 22.1.7 "De Lorean" has been released!

22.1.7 Highlights


SXEmacs Release Archive Mirror

I'm very happy to announce that the kind folks at Planet Mirror are providing mirroring service for us.


SXEmacs 22.1.6 "Cadillac" has been released!

22.1.6 Highlights


The documentation is now online

As of today, the 127278 lines of documentation that comes with SXEmacs is available for browsing online. You'll see a link in the menu on each page here.


SXEmacs 22.1.5 "Bugatti" has been released!

There were a few build-related problems with the last release so this is primarily a maintenence/bugfix release.

22.1.5 Highlights


SXEmacs 22.1.4 "Bentley Turbo" has been released!

22.1.4 Highlights


This news page is now also published as a RSS feed.


SXEmacs web site finally gets some content that doesn't leave you wondering what the hell this SXEmacs thing is anyway. Also, as you can see, the news items are now on their own page. And we've created an RSS feed to the commit logs to the mainline repo. There's a link in the menu of each page.


There's a problem with SXEmacs 22.1.3 and installing on BSD systems. A virtually empty auto-autoloads.el file was being installed which made SXEmacs unusable. This tiny patch fixes it.

We are also aware of some problems with building on Solaris 9. We are working on fixing those problems and will post a patch as soon as it is ready.


Has it really been that long since the last bit of news or release? We have a new release! And just in time for Christmas, too. :-)

SXEmacs 22.1.3 has been released!

22.1.3 Highlights


Wow, it's been a while since I updated this page. Sorry 'bout that. My excuse is that I hate doing HTML and I'm a lazy bastard. Anyway, a lot's been going on since, most notably:

SXEmacs 22.1.2 has been released!

22.1.2 Highlights


Added "Developer Pages" section.


Our BugZilla issue tracker is now online and ready for use (see the link in the menu). It's actually been operational for a while but I forgot to mention it. :-)


We now have Autoconf 2.59 compatible configuration scripts. The preliminary work is in sxemacs--main--22.1.2--patch-3 (see the download page for how to get this via tla).

Take care with it. Many of the configure options have changed. And at this stage, we are expecting breakage as it is very difficult to test all configurations.


It is with great pride and pleasure that the SXEmacs Team brings you another SXEmacs release.

Today, SXEmacs 22.1.1 was released. Source tarballs are available from our download page. And you can view the changes in this release here.


With thanks to the wonderful folks at Tux.Org, I am very pleased to announce that we now have an FTP site! Check it out:


The sxemacs-devel mailing list is now available via Gmane. This is great because it means less load on my mail server. There is a downside (from my point of view) however. I can no longer keep accurate records of numbers of developers etc. So...

If you want to be "counted" as a SXEmacs developer, could you please subscribe to the list in the normal way. If you'd rather read/post via Gmane, that's cool, just mark your "real" subscription as "no delivery".


Let me introduce you to our core team:


Today, SXEmacs was announced to the world on the XEmacs and GNU/Emacs mailing lists. See the original post.