descriptionSteve's Personal SXEmacs config
ownerSteve Youngs
last changeSat, 18 Apr 2020 11:38:22 +0000 (21:38 +1000)
2020-04-18 Steve YoungsA couple of minor tweaks / updates. master
2020-04-15 Steve YoungsTweak my htmlize code in prep for adding my inits to...
2020-04-14 Steve YoungsUpdate htmlize code to output XHTML
2020-04-10 Steve Youngs'nother big round of updates
2020-04-10 Steve YoungsRename all inits, dropping the '-sy' suffix
2020-04-10 Steve YoungsA big fat general update and tidy up of all my inits
2020-03-19 Steve YoungsForgot a paren or two
2020-03-19 Steve YoungsAdd a couple of dir abbrevs.
2020-03-19 Steve YoungsBetter ChangeLog Files
2020-03-19 Steve YoungsLost my redo icon, replaced it
2020-03-19 Steve YoungsLoads more updates -- large assortment of stuffs
2020-02-13 Steve YoungsLoads and loads and loads of updates.
2015-12-30 Steve YoungsBunch of typo fixes
2015-12-30 Steve YoungsFix an issue with sy-htmlize-buffer.
2015-12-30 Steve YoungsFix HTML filenames.
2015-12-13 Steve YoungsAdd IRC server
8 years ago v1.0 SYinit v1.0
10 months ago master