2015-07-06 Steve YoungsUpdate the docstrings in the cl emodule.
2015-07-04 Steve YoungsPartially sync files.el from XEmacs 21.5 for wildcard...
2015-07-03 Steve YoungsRun the testsuite with -vanilla to protect from local...
2015-07-02 Steve update from Horst
2015-07-02 Horst G. Burkhardtremove GNUisms that break non-GNU stuff
2015-06-28 Steve YoungsFix quoting and indexing bug in
2015-06-28 Steve YoungsFix bugs in script,
2015-06-27 Steve YoungsContrib script fix from Horst
2015-06-27 Steve YoungsFix portability prob in
2015-06-27 Horst G. Burkhardtfix git-for-steve to work on systems that don't symlink...
2015-06-26 Steve YoungsFix a couple of typos in the formats and aliases in...
2015-06-26 Steve YoungsTemporarily turn off dbus detection.
2015-06-15 Steve YoungsUpdate & fix texi docs to build clean against makeinfo...
2015-06-15 Steve YoungsUpdate SPPM
2015-06-14 Nelson FerreiraFix cl-loop-parser.y for bison 2.7
2015-06-14 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into for...
2015-06-14 Steve YoungsAdd 'scan-error' error type.
2015-06-13 Steve YoungsError when callbacks aren't available in curl:download
2015-06-13 Steve YoungsUpdate cl-loop-parser grammar file for bison 3.x
2015-06-12 Steve YoungsTry to gracefully handle not having ffi-callbacks.
2015-06-12 Steve YoungsRework dirname tests & prevent 2 cores at configure...
2015-06-11 Nelson FerreiraFix configure dirname. Also streamline dirname usage.
2015-06-11 Nelson FerreiraFix configure check for realpath and dirname. Also...
2015-06-11 Steve YoungsTypo fix
2015-06-11 Steve Youngsgit-for-steve tweaks.
2015-06-10 Nelson FerreiraSignal error when callbacks are not supported in ffi
2015-06-10 Steve YoungsUpdate PUI to use #'curl:download when available.
2015-06-10 Steve YoungsHelp prevent input method failures in XCreateIC from...
2015-06-10 Steve YoungsRe-write the script
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraAvoid XCreateIC failures
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraDocument LANG and XMODIFIERS in case of XCreateIC failure
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraDocument LANG and XMODIFIERS in case of XCreateIC failure
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraDocument XCreateIC issue
2015-06-07 Steve Youngscontrib update from Nelson
2015-06-07 Steve YoungsCompiler warning fixes from Nelson
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'signing_for_steve' into for-steve
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraProvide guidance on the developer and maintainer key tag
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraGPG key mandatory
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraProvide support contact
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraRemove unused variable.
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraRemove unused variable and dead code.
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraSilence variable set but not used in macro expansion.
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraSilence some variable set but not used warnings.
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraRemove unused variable (value already inspectable)
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraSilence some variable set but not used warnings.
2015-06-07 Nelson FerreiraSilence some variable set but not used warnings.
2015-06-07 Steve YoungsPath fix for doc-directory from Nelson
2015-06-06 Nelson FerreiraProperly handle doc-directory
2015-06-06 Steve YoungsFix cross-reference in lispref/packaging.texi
2015-06-06 Steve YoungsXDG-compliant location for early-packages
2015-06-06 Steve YoungsXDG Compliant user package tree -- doc updates.
2015-06-04 Steve YoungsXDG Compliant user (early) packages tree.
2015-05-11 Steve fix. Closes bug 165 from Horst
2015-05-11 Horst G. BurkhardtFix to work at Horst's site and on FBSD...
2015-05-10 Steve YoungsBring some consistency to command line switches
2015-05-09 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'xdg-init'
2015-05-07 Steve YoungsXDG init -- Git rid of hack in site-start.el
2015-05-05 Steve YoungsSupport XDG-based init directory
2015-05-05 Steve YoungsXDG init -- Doc updates.
2015-05-02 Steve YoungsXDG Compliant init directory.
2014-03-16 Steve YoungsSupport user/group lookups from Nelson
2014-03-16 Nelson FerreiraAdd support for Unix lookup by name to user-uid and...
2014-03-16 Nelson FerreiraAdd support for Unix groups comparable to user id
2014-02-14 Steve YoungsMac OS fixes from Nelson
2014-02-14 Nelson FerreiraFix SEGV while building autoloads for modules in Mac...
2014-01-16 Steve Youngs#'directory-files fix (Closes 163)
2014-01-16 Steve YoungsXEmacs compatibility fix in #'directory-files (Closes...
2013-12-25 Steve YoungsAutoconf warnfix from Nelson
2013-12-25 Nelson FerreiraRemove annoying autoconf warning
2013-12-09 Steve YoungsTexinfo 5 fixes + warn fixes from Nelson
2013-12-09 Nelson FerreiraAvoid warnings of unused parameter.
2013-12-08 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'myremote/for-steve' into...
2013-12-08 Nelson FerreiraAvoid warning about dangling else
2013-12-08 Nelson FerreiraAvoid warning about deprecated XKeycodeToKeysym
2013-12-08 Nelson FerreiraDo not complain in configure when not in git workspace
2013-12-08 Nelson FerreiraMake texinfo 5.x not break the build
2013-12-01 Steve Youngsmemory fix from Nelson
2013-12-01 Nelson FerreiraFix heap free in __pntw_1dict
2013-10-06 Steve YoungsRevert my tmp workaround for 162
2013-10-06 Steve YoungsRevert the temporary workaround for bug #162
2013-10-06 Steve YoungsCloses bug #162 from Sebastian
2013-10-06 Sebastian FreundtSummary: pass decoration triple to mapfam worker routin...
2013-10-05 Steve YoungsTemp work-around for bug #162
2013-10-05 Steve YoungsTemporary work-around for bug 162
2013-09-02 Steve YoungsAdd logo XCF
2013-09-02 Steve YoungsDelete XCF's superseded by SXEmacs.xcf
2013-09-02 Steve YoungsAdd the GIMP source xcf for SXEmacs logo/banner
2013-09-02 Steve YoungsAdd original .xcf logo images
2013-09-01 Nelson FerreiraAdd SXEmacs logo XCF files
2013-08-29 Steve YoungsFix the fix for bug 160 from Nelson
2013-08-29 Nelson FerreiraBug fix: Fix for bug 160 broke -nw
2013-08-25 Steve YoungsCloses Bug 161
2013-08-25 Nelson FerreiraBug fix: 161 etags munges relative filenames (any path...
2013-08-24 Steve YoungsCloses Bug 160
2013-08-24 Nelson FerreiraBug-fix: 160 #'package-suppress, `load-suppress-alist...
2013-08-12 Steve Youngscontrib upd from Nelson
2013-08-11 Nelson FerreiraRemove unneeded Use git-for-steve...
2013-08-10 Steve YoungsSmall package-get fix from Nelson
2013-08-10 Steve YoungsTiny whitespace cleanup
2013-08-10 Nelson FerreiraFix package update from local repository mirror.