2019-05-28 Steve YoungsAmazing the difference a paren can make, including...
2019-05-28 Steve YoungsGet glibc version with a distro-agnostic check.
2019-05-26 Steve YoungsAlways use the system malloc (removes gmalloc.c malloc.c).
2019-05-17 Steve YoungsBuild fixes for recent libc versions (post glibc 2.19)
2016-10-26 Steve YoungsMake #'require's NOERROR arg do its job properly.
2016-10-25 Steve YoungsAdd the 'noerror' argument to #'require.
2016-10-01 Steve YoungsEMchat is https as well
2016-10-01 Steve YoungsAll of SXEmacs' http URLs are now https. WooHoo!
2016-09-15 Steve YoungsFix font-lock-add-keywords (Closes bug 184)
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsTake care of fallout from updating/fixing #'eval-after...
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsLet #'eval-after-load accept symbol for FILE arg
2016-06-18 Steve YoungsMake #'eval-after-load DTRT for dumped lisp (Closes...
2016-06-05 Steve YoungsLet's not do "Pre-Release" packages.
2016-06-01 Steve YoungsAutomake/Libtool warning fix/suppression
2016-05-31 Steve YoungsDisplay a better version of the truth in the configure...
2016-05-30 Steve YoungsImprove the configure summary output.
2016-05-29 Steve YoungsFIX: missing paren
2016-05-29 Steve YoungsDon't use 'make-temp-file', fixes FFI/PUI.
2016-05-28 Steve YoungsSeemless integration of ffi-curl based packages install.
2016-05-21 Steve YoungsSupport http package mirror sites
2016-05-21 Steve YoungsFix an autoloads problem.
2016-05-21 Steve YoungsUpdate PUI to use ffi-curl
2016-05-16 Steve YoungsImplement a blacklist for problem OpenSSL ciphers.
2016-05-10 Steve YoungsPrevent Unexpected errors in OpenSSL Testsuite.
2016-05-06 Steve YoungsLast release's ChangeLog
2016-05-06 Steve YoungsSXEmacs v22.1.16 is released! v22.1.16
2016-03-15 Steve YoungsFix the fix to really close 181
2016-03-14 Nelson FerreiraFix MPFR Flog implementation
2016-03-14 Steve YoungsClose 181
2016-03-12 Nelson FerreiraFix bug 181: log does not take base into account withou...
2016-01-16 Steve YoungsError instead of crashing on OGG/MP3 streams
2016-01-16 Nelson FerreiraDebug message fix
2016-01-16 Nelson FerreiraFix crash when using ffmpeg to play mp3 and ogg
2016-01-10 Steve YoungsFfile_basename(), Ffile_dirname() updates, POSIX compliance
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraProperly determine the name of preceeding directory
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraExpand file name before dirname
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraUse xrealpath
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraMake basename and dirname POSIX compliant
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraAdd tests for file-name-directory, etc
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraAdd file name joiner
2016-01-09 Nelson FerreiraImprove documentation
2016-01-03 Nelson FerreiraDocument text corruption issue with Xorg ATI driver
2016-01-01 Steve YoungsLadies and Gentlement, FFmpeg is back!
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraFinal set of changes for a working ffmpeg.
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraMore update to newer ffmpeg API
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraUse new virtual IO api
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraCleanup global video state.
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraAdditional usage of the new api
2015-12-27 Nelson FerreiraUpdate ffmpeg codec and media constants
2015-12-27 Nelson FerreiraFix metadata usage
2015-12-26 Steve YoungsSync up FFmpeg -- autoconf
2015-12-26 Steve YoungsA place to keep aliases to built-in constants when...
2015-12-26 Steve YoungsAdd logged, but missing change from previous commit.
2015-12-25 Nelson FerreiraSegregate aliases to DEFVAR_CONST
2015-12-25 Nelson FerreiraRevert "Fix the fix, make pi a normal lisp var (Closes...
2015-12-23 Steve YoungsFix the fix, make pi a normal lisp var (Closes bug...
2015-12-21 Steve YoungsDefine `pi' in elisp, even with bigfr. (Closes bug...
2015-12-21 Steve YoungsMore warning fixes from Nelson
2015-12-20 Nelson FerreiraFixing more TTY/term warning/prototype craziness.
2015-12-20 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'master' into for-steve
2015-12-20 Nelson FerreiraMore term crazyness warnings fixing.
2015-12-15 Steve YoungsEgo Patch -- Tweak my info a little.
2015-12-13 Steve YoungsCompiler warning fixes from Nelson
2015-12-12 Nelson FerreiraAdd missing declaration for make_bigz
2015-12-12 Nelson FerreiraMore eliminate silly warnings
2015-12-12 Nelson FerreiraEliminate silly warnings
2015-12-12 Nelson FerreiraFix openssl support
2015-12-06 Steve YoungsCompiler & warning related updates/fixes from Nelson
2015-12-06 Steve YoungsTypo fix, 'max_align_t' -> 'sxe_max_align_t'
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraSilence warnings about usage of deprecated function...
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraUse proper assert in lwlib
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraFix typo on include guard for term.h
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraUse proper max in lwlib
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraAdd some prototype to silence silly warnings.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraTurn off warning about deprecated usage of __free_hook.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraUse min/max from sxe-utils
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraProperly handle return from getcwd.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraShut set but unused warnings.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraRename our max_align_t to sxe_max_align_t
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraMark variables set but unused.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraFixup assert definitions.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraAdd SXE_SET_UNUSED to shut unused warnings.
2015-12-06 Nelson FerreiraCleanup utilities. Introduce sxe-memory.h
2015-09-27 Nelson FerreiraAddress static inline warning in ase.
2015-09-27 Nelson FerreiraPrevent movemail from proceeding when setuid fails
2015-09-26 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'master' into for-steve
2015-09-20 Steve YoungsMinor package-get cleanup + bldchain tweak
2015-09-20 Nelson FerreiraCleanup invalid mirrors
2015-09-20 Nelson FerreiraCleanup mirrors
2015-09-20 Nelson FerreiraImprove missing header message
2015-09-20 Nelson FerreiraImprove detection libtool version detection
2015-09-14 Steve YoungsTTY + General build chain related updates
2015-09-13 Nelson FerreiraConditional automake init
2015-09-13 Nelson FerreiraSmall fix
2015-09-13 Nelson FerreiraFix info/ for old automake
2015-09-13 Nelson FerreiraAllow m4 and autostuff to be customized
2015-09-13 Nelson FerreiraEnforce makeinfo version
2015-09-08 Nelson FerreiraImprove TTY library detection
2015-09-08 Nelson FerreiraImprove TTY section of summary
2015-09-08 Nelson FerreiraAdd builtin tty support option