More eliminate silly warnings
[sxemacs] / src / alloc.c
2015-12-12 Nelson FerreiraMore eliminate silly warnings
2013-12-09 Steve YoungsTexinfo 5 fixes + warn fixes from Nelson
2013-12-09 Nelson FerreiraAvoid warnings of unused parameter.
2012-06-17 Steve YoungsSXEmacs, meet Dbus. Dbus, meet SXEmacs
2012-06-15 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'njsf/for-steve' into...
2012-05-30 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-05-02 Steve YoungsFix SuSe build from Nelson
2012-05-01 Nelson FerreiraFix SuSE build
2012-05-01 Steve YoungsMacOS build fixes from Nelson
2012-04-30 Nelson FerreiraFix build in MacOS after ent changes
2012-04-13 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into for...
2012-04-05 Steve YoungsFix build on powerpc64 from Sebastian
2012-04-05 Sebastian FreundtMerge branch 'fix/ppc64' into next
2012-04-05 Sebastian Freundtcosmetics, include ent/ent.h (or one of its sub-include...
2012-02-01 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into for...
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'master' into dbus
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsThe Great Whitespace Cleanup
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsWhitespace cleanup in src [a-e]
2012-01-27 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'for-steve' into njsf-cov
2012-01-25 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'breathing'
2012-01-25 Steve YoungsBe consistent with setting and testing for breathing_space
2012-01-24 Steve YoungsChanges from Nelson
2012-01-23 Nelson FerreiraAdd a bit more breathing space to alloc
2012-01-21 Steve Youngsconfigure fix plus mapfam fix from Sebastian
2012-01-20 Steve YoungsCoverity updates/fixes from Nelson
2012-01-20 Nelson FerreiraCoverity: Forward NULL: CID 33
2012-01-20 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'for-steve' into njsf-cov
2012-01-20 Nelson FerreiraFix additional transcoding assertions
2012-01-16 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'njsf/for-steve' into...
2012-01-07 Sebastian FreundtMerge branch 'bug/133' into for-steve
2012-01-06 Steve Youngsfrom Sebastian
2012-01-05 Steve YoungsWarning fixes from Nelson
2012-01-05 Nelson FerreiraMore warning suppressions
2011-11-27 Steve YoungsWand updates from Evgeny
2011-11-11 Steve YoungsAdd prompt stack for recursive minibuffer
2011-10-04 Steve YoungsCoverity inspired security fixes from Nelson
2011-10-04 Nelson FerreiraSecurity fixes
2011-10-03 Steve YoungsCoverity fixes from Nelson
2011-10-02 Nelson FerreiraCoverity fixes. Replace UNUSED with SXE_UNUSED since...
2011-09-16 Steve YoungsMore Coverity fixes from Nelson
2011-09-16 Nelson FerreiraMake implementation comment about issues with strlen of
2010-11-04 Steve YoungsInitial git import v22.1.13