Final set of changes for a working ffmpeg.
[sxemacs] / m4 / sxe-mm.m4
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraFinal set of changes for a working ffmpeg.
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraMore update to newer ffmpeg API
2015-12-31 Nelson FerreiraAdditional usage of the new api
2015-12-26 Steve YoungsSync up FFmpeg -- autoconf
2012-07-01 Steve YoungsFix xstrncpy usage, also fixes etags. From Nelson
2012-07-01 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'njsf/for-steve' into...
2012-06-26 Steve YoungsBring back PulseAudio autodetection
2012-06-26 Steve YoungsBring back auto-detection of PulseAudio
2012-06-19 Steve YoungsFix SoX
2012-06-19 Steve YoungsSoX Fix -- Configure and build
2012-06-17 Steve YoungsSXEmacs, meet Dbus. Dbus, meet SXEmacs
2012-02-22 Nelson FerreiraMerge branch 'njsf-cov' into for-steve
2012-02-22 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into for...
2012-02-22 Steve YoungsaRts removal from Horst
2012-02-22 Horst G. Burkhardt IIIex{|or}cise the monstrosity that is aRts once and for all
2012-02-01 Nelson FerreiraMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into for...
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'master' into dbus
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsThe Great Whitespace Cleanup
2012-01-28 Steve YoungsWhitespace cleanup in m4
2012-01-03 Steve YoungsBuildchain fixes and updates from Sebastian
2012-01-03 Steve YoungsMacOS libpng detection fixes from Nelson
2012-01-02 Nelson FerreiraFix detection of MacOS X native provided libpng
2011-12-01 Steve Youngsconfigure cleanup from Nelson
2011-12-01 Nelson FerreiraDeduplicate options to compiler and linker, as well...
2011-09-14 Nelson FerreiraMerge
2011-05-11 Steve YoungsFix building with current git FFmpeg
2010-11-04 Steve YoungsInitial git import v22.1.13