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2020-03-30 Steve YoungsWhy do you only discover bugs _after_ you've committed? master
2020-03-30 Steve YoungsMaking my life a teeny tiny bit easier.
2020-03-18 Steve Youngssy-git.el -- Compat fix for newer git versions.
2020-02-12 Steve YoungsAdd latex-units.el
2020-02-10 Steve YoungsAdd cl-lib.el a compat lib to cope with FSF CL nonsense.
2017-10-27 Steve YoungsSome nice updates/improvements to sy-git.el
2017-10-27 Steve YoungsDrastically improve the speed of #'sy-git-blame
2017-10-26 Steve YoungsMake #'sy-git-blame somewhat pretty and useful.
2017-10-22 Steve YoungsImprove process handling in sy-git.el.
2017-10-20 Steve YoungsAdd a minor mode and keybindings to sy-git.
2017-10-19 Steve YoungsUpdate/improve sy-git-log, sy-git-blame.
2017-10-16 Steve YoungsAdd rudimentary support for git diff, blame, and log.
2016-07-15 Steve YoungsQuick doc update in sy-git
2016-01-10 Steve YoungsSupport displaying embedded cover art via FFmpeg.
2015-07-05 Steve YoungsAdd new file sy-git.el for easier commit logging from...
2014-03-25 Steve YoungsVarious updates
7 years ago maintainer-pgp The public GnuPG key for verifying...
9 years ago v1.0 Version 1.0
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