Add a couple of dirs to prune_prefixes for bastard settings
[pkgusr] / usr /
2015-05-24 Steve YoungsAdd a couple of dirs to prune_prefixes for bastard...
2015-04-21 Steve YoungsUpdate uninstall script.
2015-04-21 Steve YoungsAdd another dir to prune out
2014-09-13 Steve YoungsUpdate prune_prefixes for bastard settings
2014-03-17 Steve YoungsSupport sub-groups in pkgusr.el
2014-03-17 Steve YoungsSupport pkg sub-groups in pkgusr-cmd-pkg/pkgusr-file-pkg
2014-03-15 Steve YoungsUpdate script fix
2014-03-15 Steve YoungsPrevent update-pkg-project returning false-positives
2014-03-13 Steve YoungsFix update-pkg-project script
2014-03-13 Steve YoungsPrevent update-pkg-project from needlessly spamming...
2014-03-12 Steve YoungsA truck load of updates/fixes/tweaks
2014-03-12 Steve YoungsA few more minor tweaks.
2014-03-12 Steve YoungsFix nasty bug in chmod, plus minor fixes.
2014-03-11 Steve YoungsFix a bug that was exposed by the SXEmacs configure...
2014-03-10 Steve YoungsFix a bunch of little things from the previous changeset.
2014-03-09 Steve YoungsMajor overhaul -- most scripts rewritten or updated.
2012-12-19 Steve Youngsminor updates
2010-11-30 Steve YoungsInitial git import v0.5