descriptionSteve's Camera+ repo
ownerSteve Youngs
last changeTue, 17 Sep 2013 00:24:59 +0000 (03:24 +0300)
2013-09-17  Mohammed Sameersilence dbus-send output master
2013-09-17  Mohammed SameerRevert "Hide dbus-send output and don't use --print...
2013-09-17  Mohammed SameerRemove the useless warnings about failing to query...
2013-09-17  Mohammed Sameerremoved a blank line
2013-09-17  Mohammed SameerAdded the ability to control playback volume from post...
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerSet to '*'.
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerHide dbus-send output and don't use --print-reply
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerAdded a hidden setting (fileNaming/useUtc) to disable...
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerAdded an icon for tiny video resolution
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerSet QVGA night FPS to 30
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerFixes for changing video resolution between 16:9 and 4:3
2013-09-16  Mohammed SameerAdded a QVGA resolution to video resolutions
2013-09-15  Mohammed SameerChangelog for 0.0.8
2013-09-15  Mohammed SameerAdd opacity animation to settings and post capture...
2013-09-15  Mohammed SameerAdded support for strftime() format to creator name...
2013-09-15  Mohammed SameerActivated the option to disable capture previews
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