2013-03-02 Mohammed SameerChangelog for 0.0.3
2013-03-02 Mohammed SameerGenerate proper thumbnails for portrait images.
2013-02-26 Mohammed SameerChangelog for 0.0.2
2013-02-26 Mohammed SameerDon't set minimum preview size for quill.
2013-02-26 Mohammed SameerIncrease the container height when we are in portrait...
2013-02-25 Mohammed SameerChangelog for 0.0.1
2013-02-25 Mohammed SameerStore captures underneath MyDocs/DCIM
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerDebian packaging for Harmattan
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerIf the user has a lot of free space (8 GB for example)
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerDon't set temporaryFilePath so we can use the default
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerIgnore the artist size limit. Will fix if someone compl...
2013-02-23 Mohammed Sameerqmldir file for declarative library
2013-02-23 Mohammed SameerSVG icon
2013-02-23 Mohammed SameerAdded cameraplus.ini to store application specific...
2013-02-14 Mohammed SameerSet the model to undefined instead of 0
2013-02-14 Mohammed SameerSet the model only after we have changed the aspect...
2013-02-14 Mohammed SameerGet rid of ImageSettingsDialog.js
2013-02-14 Mohammed SameerEmit aspectRatioChanged() after we populate the model...
2013-02-13 Mohammed SameerUse font.capitalization instead of the custom javascrip...
2013-02-13 Mohammed SameerEnable resolution changing only if camera is idle
2013-02-13 Mohammed SameerGet rid of VideoSettingsDialog.js
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerMove video resolution settings to a separate component
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerUse a Component for initializing VideoSettingsDialog...
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerDon't paint system background
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerNo need for the resolution name. Megapixels should...
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerDisable ROI before opening settings dialog
2013-02-10 Mohammed SameerMove image aspect ratio and resolution settings to...
2013-02-10 Mohammed SameerImplemented a component with a switch and a text label...
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerAdjust sound volume depending on whether a headset...
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerAdd rules to install qtcamera, declarative bindings...
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerBuild declarative plugin as a plugin
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerCleaned up PKGCONFIG packages
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerRename Notifications to DeclarativeQtCameraNotifications
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerRemove temporarily file after we open it
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerCleaned up PKGCONFIG
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerTurn stuff under declarative into a real QML extension
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerDisable debug by default
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerFocusReticle now points ROI regions obtained from QtCamera
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerDeclarative ROI can now report unnormalized ROI coordin...
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerSet area used to calculate primary index to 1x1
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerCorrectly emit videoResolutionChanged()
2013-02-02 Mohammed SameerQtCamRoiPrivate::primaryRegion() should return the...
2013-01-29 Mohammed SameerAdded ROI an face detection
2013-01-08 Mohammed Sameerset device property if we don't use a wrapper too
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerSet device property when we create source.
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerInitialize viewfinderFilters to null
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerInitialize sink before trying to fill it via g_object_get()
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerFixed a crash if we fail to create viewfinderFilters.
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerPass constData() to open()
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerModeButton should show the mode to be switched to inste...
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerUse dialogs for image and video settings.
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerBind zoom value to slider value
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerNo need for those TODOs anymore
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerRace condition when QtCamVideo::stop() gets called...
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerReworked synchronous video recording stop
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerTry to load the encoding profiles from DATA_DIR if...
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerChanged configuration directory.
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerStop recording in page.stopRecording() instead of page...
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerAdded sync parameter to QtCamVideo::stopRecording()
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerDeclarative Camera should deactivete active mode when...
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerKill CameraPage::needsPipeline property
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerIf a page doesn't need the pipeline then switch to...
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerPostCapture page doesn't need any policy resources...
2013-01-04 Mohammed SameerCall page.play() instead of video.play()
2013-01-04 Mohammed SameerAlways show the toolbar if there is an error loading...
2013-01-04 Mohammed SameerDon't show QuillImage if there is an error
2013-01-04 Mohammed SameerCheck for mass storage mode before disk space before...
2013-01-03 Mohammed SameerAutohide toolbar in PostCapturePage
2013-01-03 Mohammed SameerAdded TODOs
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerQML/JS debugger needs QtScript
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerRenamed imports to declarative and libimports to libdec...
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerAutohide video player toolbar after 3 seconds of inactivity
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerCleaned up commented code
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerAdded a hack to set the ZoomSlider state to "visible...
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerDelete QSparqlConnection when we are not active
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerDelete QmBattery when we are not active
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerVolume up and down keys should now work and change...
2013-01-02 Mohammed SameerRemoved unneeded mutex.
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdding qmljsdebug to config will enable QML/JS debugger
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded a TODO file and moved the big features there
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded ISO selector to CameraToolBar
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerImplemented own DeviceInfo
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded grid lines
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerMake ScaleButtonType optional.
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerRemove ScaleButtonType acquisition from policy. Will...
2013-01-01 Mohammed Sameerset the width of the delegate to the width of the paren...
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded pinch zoom TODO
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerFixed image preview
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerTODO cleanup
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerThis file is not used anywhere
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerUse Qtm namespace for QtMobility.systeminfo to resolve...
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerReplaced QtMobility BatteryInfo
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerUse Qt resource system for QML and JS files
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerListItem not needed
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerReworked mode animation.
2012-12-29 Mohammed SameerPost capture timeout removed.
2012-12-29 Mohammed SameerReworked VideoPlayerPage to use CameraToolBar
2012-12-29 Mohammed SameerUse CameraToolBar instead of the ToolBar from components.
2012-12-29 Mohammed SameerPass the correct url to video player