Add missing capability.cpp
[harmattan/cameraplus] / src / settings.cpp
2013-08-03 Mohammed SameerImplemented per device resolution setting and selection
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerAdded settings to change camera device.
2013-03-11 Mohammed SameerAdded a setting to use zoom keys for capturing. Still...
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2013-01-29 Mohammed SameerAdded ROI an face detection
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded grid lines
2012-12-29 Mohammed SameerPost capture timeout removed.
2012-12-27 Mohammed SameerAdded mute/unmute video recording sound
2012-12-27 Mohammed SameerAdded a floating toolbar to be used instead of the...
2012-12-19 Mohammed SameerUse qFuzzyCompare() for evComp settings
2012-12-11 Mohammed SameerSet default camera mode to image
2012-12-08 Mohammed SameerVideoTorch and VideoMute are now properties of Camera
2012-10-09 Mohammed SameerAlways emit the changed signals when we change the...
2012-09-27 Mohammed SameerAdded an option to disable (mute) camera sound
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerImplemented video resolution setting
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerSettings for aspect ration and resolution can now read...
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerAdded copyright headers and COPYING file.
2012-09-17 Mohammed SameerReversed condition prevented saving the useGps setting
2012-09-16 Mohammed SameerISO settings are now functional
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdded a setting for imageFlashMode
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdded more properties
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdding the C++ application and the Settings class