Added a hidden setting (fileNaming/useUtc) to disable UTC usage for file names
[harmattan/cameraplus] / src / filenaming.cpp
2013-09-16 Mohammed SameerAdded a hidden setting (fileNaming/useUtc) to disable...
2013-08-26 Mohammed SameerHandle the case when we have different paths for videos...
2013-08-26 Mohammed SameerRemove PATH and TEMP_PATH
2013-08-23 Mohammed SameerUse UTC time to obtain the date stamp
2013-08-19 Mohammed SameerDon't reuse file names
2013-08-10 Mohammed SameerReworked to allow separate paths for saving images...
2013-07-27 Mohammed SameerInitial Qt5 port
2013-02-25 Mohammed SameerStore captures underneath MyDocs/DCIM
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2012-12-28 Mohammed SameerUse a running index to generate unique file names.
2012-12-27 Mohammed SameerUse canonical paths for our storage and temporary paths.
2012-10-09 Mohammed SameerRecord video in a hidden directory then copy it to...
2012-10-07 Mohammed Sameerlow space handling:
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerSilence g++/moc warnings
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerAdded copyright headers and COPYING file.
2012-09-09 Mohammed SameerAdded a class to generate filenames for images and...