Fixed VideoPlayerPage.qml failure to set cameraConfig
[harmattan/cameraplus] / qml / qml.qrc
2013-07-22 Mohammed SameerDrop unneeded CameraOverlay.qml
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerSorted alphabetically
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerGet rid of CameraPage.qml
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerIndented
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerFixes and indentation for VideoTorchButton.qml
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerFixes and indentation for VideoEvCompButton.qml
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerFixes and indentation for ImageEvCompButton.qml
2013-07-15 Mohammed SameerBring back standby view
2013-07-15 Mohammed SameerInitial ui reimplementation. Still in its early phase.
2013-05-26 Mohammed SameerAdded ControlsActivationData to define the state of...
2013-03-24 Mohammed SameerMove all zoom cancellation functionality to its own...
2013-03-11 Mohammed SameerUse zoom keys to start/stop video recording
2013-02-14 Mohammed SameerGet rid of ImageSettingsDialog.js
2013-02-13 Mohammed SameerGet rid of VideoSettingsDialog.js
2013-02-11 Mohammed SameerMove video resolution settings to a separate component
2013-02-10 Mohammed SameerMove image aspect ratio and resolution settings to...
2013-02-10 Mohammed SameerImplemented a component with a switch and a text label...
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerUse dialogs for image and video settings.
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded ISO selector to CameraToolBar
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerUse Qt resource system for QML and JS files