Switch toolbar animation to opacity
[harmattan/cameraplus] / qml / ImageIsoButton.qml
2013-08-09 Mohammed SameerAdded own camera icons instead of relying on the system...
2013-08-03 Mohammed SameerKill data.js and move all icons and functions to Camera...
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerReworked CameraToolBar
2013-07-31 Mohammed SameerConvert most iconSource usage to iconId
2013-07-26 Mohammed SameerReplace @IMPORT_QT_QUICK@ with "import QtQuick 2.0"
2013-07-22 Mohammed SameerKill com.nokia.meego importing in the ui.
2013-07-22 Mohammed SameerFirst attempt at removing QtQuick 1.1 hardcoding from...
2013-07-16 Mohammed SameerIndented
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2013-01-01 Mohammed SameerAdded ISO selector to CameraToolBar