Source /tmp/session_bus_address.user before invoking dbus-send in postinst script
[harmattan/cameraplus] / lib /
2013-09-12 Mohammed SameerMove qt_cam_copy_register to QtCamera
2013-09-12 Mohammed SameerRevert "Move qt_cam_copy_register to QtCamera"
2013-09-11 Mohammed SameerMove qt_cam_copy_register to QtCamera
2013-08-18 Mohammed SameerAdded NoFaceDetection quirk
2013-08-18 Mohammed SameerAdded NoTouchFocus quirk
2013-08-15 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamQuirks to libQtCamera and Quirks to libdecla...
2013-08-04 Mohammed SameerAdded getter for current resolution
2013-08-04 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamImageMode captureStarted() and captureEnded...
2013-08-03 Mohammed SameerAdded preview-supported property to qtcamera.ini
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerMultiple fixes:
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerUnset camerabin viewfinder-sink property when we unset...
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerCleaned up irrelevant comment
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerFree the iterator after iterating on bin elements.
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerDon't hold a reference to camerabin
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerIf we don't have resolutions then return an invalid...
2013-07-31 Mohammed SameerRefactor and rename isWrapperReady to isReadyForCapture()
2013-07-28 Mohammed SameerReworking QtCamViewfinderRenderer to avoid having to...
2013-07-28 Mohammed SameerKill QtCamViewfinderRendererGeneric
2013-07-28 Mohammed SameerIf wrapperVideoSource is null then connect to videoSour...
2013-07-27 Mohammed SameerInitial Qt5 port
2013-07-26 Mohammed SameerReturn NULL if we cannot create any elements
2013-07-25 Mohammed SameerKill DeclarativeQtCameraNotifications
2013-07-25 Mohammed SameerAdd missing QRectF include
2013-07-25 Mohammed SameerUse QString::toLatin1() instead of QString::toAscii()
2013-07-22 Mohammed SameerUnify harmattan detection and move harmattan specific...
2013-07-17 Mohammed SameerInitial implementation of our own VideoPlayer declarati...
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2013-02-04 Mohammed SameerAdd rules to install qtcamera, declarative bindings...
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerDisable debug by default
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerDeclarative ROI can now report unnormalized ROI coordin...
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerSet area used to calculate primary index to 1x1
2013-02-03 Mohammed SameerCorrectly emit videoResolutionChanged()
2013-02-02 Mohammed SameerQtCamRoiPrivate::primaryRegion() should return the...
2013-01-29 Mohammed SameerAdded ROI an face detection
2013-01-08 Mohammed Sameerset device property if we don't use a wrapper too
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerSet device property when we create source.
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerInitialize viewfinderFilters to null
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerInitialize sink before trying to fill it via g_object_get()
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerFixed a crash if we fail to create viewfinderFilters.
2013-01-07 Mohammed SameerPass constData() to open()
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerNo need for those TODOs anymore
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerRace condition when QtCamVideo::stop() gets called...
2013-01-06 Mohammed SameerReworked synchronous video recording stop
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerTry to load the encoding profiles from DATA_DIR if...
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerChanged configuration directory.
2013-01-05 Mohammed SameerAdded sync parameter to QtCamVideo::stopRecording()
2012-12-31 Mohammed SameerThis file is not used anywhere
2012-12-27 Mohammed SameerDisable viewfinder in settings pages
2012-12-24 Mohammed SameerDon't show debugging information when we get an error.
2012-12-24 Mohammed SameerReworked DoneHandler to avoid race conditions
2012-12-23 Mohammed Sameermake fence sync objects configurable
2012-12-23 Mohammed SameerNo more assertions after fixing the viewfinder stopping...
2012-12-23 Mohammed SameerDisable viewfinder filters in video mode and enable...
2012-12-23 Mohammed SameerReworked QtCamAnalysisBin
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerWe won't provide such focus details. Removing TODO...
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerReworked how video and wrapper sources are being created
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerRemove QtCamDevicePrivate::resetCapabilities(). We...
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamPropertySetter
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerSet viewfinder-filters
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerInfrastructure for filters.
2012-12-20 Mohammed SameerCleaned up some commented out defines
2012-12-20 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamFlash::ready to indicate readiness of flash
2012-12-20 Mohammed SameerNo need to forward declare QtCamZoomPrivate
2012-12-19 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamAutoFocus::setRegionOfInterest()
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerAdded renderArea property to Camera
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerDelete renderer when we are destroyed
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerUse a message listener to detect auto focus acquisition...
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerAdded notification when focus gets acquired
2012-12-14 Mohammed SameerDon't try to unregister the status handlers unless...
2012-12-14 Mohammed SameerHide focus reticle if we cannot focus while a particula...
2012-12-14 Mohammed SameerChange AutoFocus status when start or stop autoFocus...
2012-12-13 Mohammed SameerDon't ignore errors while stopping the pipeline.
2012-12-08 Mohammed SameerStop viewfinder after the pipeline reaches idle state.
2012-12-08 Mohammed SameerStop viewfinder if there is an error
2012-12-08 Mohammed SameerVideoTorch and VideoMute are now properties of Camera
2012-10-31 Mohammed SameerMerged QtCamCaf and QtCamAutoFocus
2012-10-31 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamAutoFocus
2012-10-30 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamCaf to get the status of continuous auto...
2012-10-28 Mohammed SameerAdded Focus classes
2012-10-20 Mohammed SameerQtCamDevice::stop() now takes a bool to force stopping
2012-10-20 Mohammed SameerIgnore camera errors while stopping the pipeline.
2012-10-09 Mohammed SameerRecord video in a hidden directory then copy it to...
2012-10-07 Mohammed SameerQuery the minimum, maximum and default values if needed...
2012-10-07 Mohammed SameerCode cleanup
2012-09-27 Mohammed Sameerunref camerabin when we get destroyed
2012-09-26 Mohammed SameerAdded a sounds component that implements the Notificati...
2012-09-23 Mohammed SameerAdded classes for Notifications (Sound playback use...
2012-09-23 Mohammed SameerReset the unneeded caps
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerDon't return false if we try to set video resolution...
2012-09-22 Mohammed Sameerreturn true if we try to set the resolution and the...
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerSettings for aspect ration and resolution can now read...
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerSilence g++/moc warnings
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerReworked how resolution is being specified in the confi...
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerMoved the .gep files to the N9 data directory
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerAdded copyright headers and COPYING file.
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerForgot include guards
2012-09-19 Mohammed Sameerdon't apply the resolution if camera is not running
2012-09-19 Mohammed SameerChanged the default configuration file path
2012-09-17 Mohammed SameerAdding forgotten files
2012-09-14 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamMute