Don't reuse file names
[harmattan/cameraplus] / lib / qtcamgraphicsviewfinder.cpp
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerMultiple fixes:
2013-07-28 Mohammed SameerReworking QtCamViewfinderRenderer to avoid having to...
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2012-12-27 Mohammed SameerDisable viewfinder in settings pages
2012-12-19 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamAutoFocus::setRegionOfInterest()
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerAdded renderArea property to Camera
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerDelete renderer when we are destroyed
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerAdded copyright headers and COPYING file.
2012-09-13 Mohammed SameerAdded resource policy support (Still needs more testing...
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerDon't try to manipulate the viewfinder renderer if...
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerInitial implementation