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[harmattan/cameraplus] / lib / qtcamdevice.h
2013-08-04 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamImageMode captureStarted() and captureEnded...
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerDon't hold a reference to camerabin
2013-02-24 Mohammed SameerUpdated copyright year
2013-01-29 Mohammed SameerAdded ROI an face detection
2012-12-19 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamAutoFocus::setRegionOfInterest()
2012-12-08 Mohammed SameerVideoTorch and VideoMute are now properties of Camera
2012-10-31 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamAutoFocus
2012-10-20 Mohammed SameerQtCamDevice::stop() now takes a bool to force stopping
2012-09-23 Mohammed SameerAdded classes for Notifications (Sound playback use...
2012-09-20 Mohammed SameerAdded copyright headers and COPYING file.
2012-09-14 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamMute
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerImplemented QtCamEvComp and QtCamVideoTorch
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdded QtCamCapability (base class for capabilities...
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdded stopping() signal and emit stopping(), stopped...
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerAdded a signal idleStateChanged() to QtCamDevice
2012-09-06 Mohammed SameerInitial implementation