Corrected video recording resolution for front camera
[harmattan/cameraplus] / data / n9 / qtcamera.ini
2013-08-03 Mohammed SameerCorrected video recording resolution for front camera
2013-08-02 Mohammed SameerAdded presets for secondary camera.
2013-07-25 Mohammed SameerKill DeclarativeQtCameraNotifications
2013-07-18 Mohammed Sameerenable fence sync objects because they are needed by...
2013-01-29 Mohammed SameerAdded ROI an face detection
2012-12-23 Mohammed Sameermake fence sync objects configurable
2012-12-22 Mohammed SameerAdd viewfinder-filters for N9
2012-12-15 Mohammed SameerAdded notification when focus gets acquired
2012-09-26 Mohammed SameerAdded a sounds component that implements the Notificati...
2012-09-22 Mohammed Sameersort the presets correctly. high then medium then low
2012-09-22 Mohammed SameerReworked how resolution is being specified in the confi...
2012-09-21 Mohammed SameerConfiguration file for N9