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2004-05-20 Miles BaderRevision:
2004-05-20 Miles BaderAdd arch taglines
2004-05-19 Lars Magne Ingebri... 2004-05-19 Andre Srinivasan <>
2004-05-19 Reiner Steib(Oort Gnus): Mention new behavior of `F' and `R' when...
2004-05-17 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Various Commands): Add.
2004-05-10 Reiner Steib(MIME Commands): Added
2004-04-19 Katsumi Yamaoka(SpamAssassin backend): Add it to the detailmenu.
2004-04-16 Florian Weimer2004-04-16 Florian Weimer <>
2004-04-14 Kevin Greiner2004-04-14 Kevin Greiner <kgreiner@xpediantsolutions...
2004-04-12 Katsumi Yamaoka(Indirect Functions): Add nntp-open-via-rlogin-and...
2004-04-10 Jesper Harder* gnus-news.texi: Add OPML.
2004-04-10 Jesper Harder(Flowed text): Markup fix.
2004-04-07 Teodor Zlatanov(Blacklists and Whitelists, BBDB Whitelists)
2004-04-02 Teodor Zlatanov(SpamAssassin backend): added new node about SpamAssassin
2004-03-29 Teodor Zlatanov(Spam ELisp Package Global Variables)
2004-03-29 Teodor Zlatanov(Spam ELisp Package Sequence of Events): some clarifica...
2004-03-22 Katsumi Yamaoka(Various Summary Stuff): Fix the documentation for...
2004-03-19 Katsumi Yamaoka(Misc Article): Refer to `Summary Buffer Mode Line' in
2004-03-18 Jesper HarderAddition.
2004-03-08 Jesper Harder(Category Syntax): Markup fix.
2004-03-08 Katsumi YamaokaFix last commit.
2004-03-08 Katsumi Yamaoka(POP before SMTP): Addition.
2004-03-05 Jesper HarderOops.
2004-03-05 Jesper Harder(Spam ELisp Package Sequence of Events): Index.
2004-03-05 Jesper Harder* message.texi: Use m-dash consistently.
2004-03-05 Katsumi Yamaoka(POP before SMTP): New node.
2004-03-04 Katsumi Yamaoka(X-Face, Face): Add gnus-x-face and gnus-face-propertie...
2004-03-04 Jesper Harder* texi2latex.el (latexi-translate-file): Support accents.
2004-03-03 Jesper Harder* gnus.texi: Move @documentencoding back, and change...
2004-03-03 Jesper Harder(infohack): Support @documentencoding in Emacs 21.3.
2004-03-03 Jesper Harder* Add gnus-news.
2004-03-03 Katsumi Yamaoka* gnus.texi: Enclose the iflatex section with iftex.
2004-03-03 Kevin Greiner * emacs-mime.texi: Wrapped documentencoding inside...
2004-03-03 Kevin Greiner * gnus.texi: Wrapped documentencoding inside of iflatex as
2004-03-03 Kevin Greiner * emacs-mime.texi: Wrapped documentencoding inside...
2004-02-17 Katsumi Yamaoka(X-Face): Add uncompface-use-external.
2004-02-06 Jesper Harder* gnus-news.texi: dnd attachments.
2004-02-03 Reiner Steib(Batching Agents): Fixed typo in example. Reported
2004-01-30 Jesper Harder* gnus.texi: Set documentencoding.
2004-01-28 Simon JosefssonFix typo in last commit.
2004-01-27 Simon Josefsson(Flowed text): Add.
2004-01-23 Teodor Zlatanov(Spam ELisp Package Filtering of Incoming Mail):
2004-01-23 Jesper Harder(GroupLens): Remove.
2004-01-22 Teodor Zlatanov(Spam ELisp Package Sequence of Events): fix typo
2004-01-22 Kevin Greiner * gnus.texi (Outgoing Messages, Agent Variables): Add
2004-01-17 Jesper Harder* sieve.texi (Manage Sieve API): nil -> @code{nil}.
2004-01-17 Jesper Harder(Debugging IMAP): Fix.
2004-01-12 Teodor Zlatanov(The problem of spam): fixed so many countries and
2004-01-11 Simon Josefsson(The problem of spam): Fix, reported by Cheng Gao
2004-01-07 Jesper Harder* dir: Add SASL.
2004-01-07 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Summary Mail Commands): S D e.
2004-01-06 Jesper Harder*** empty log message ***
2004-01-06 Jesper Harder* gnus.texi (Limiting): Add gnus-summary-limit-to-replied.
2004-01-06 Reiner SteibAdd missing entry for part of last commit.
2004-01-06 Reiner Steib* gnus-news.texi, gnus-news.el: New files.
2004-01-06 Reiner Steib(SpamOracle): Fixed typo.
2004-01-05 Lars Magne Ingebri... Fix the last commit.
2004-01-05 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Emacsen): Bump numbers.
2004-01-05 Simon Josefssongnus.texi (Top): Add SASL.
2004-01-05 Simon Josefsson(Caching passphrase): Fix PGG passphrase caching
2004-01-04 Simon JosefssonAdd sasl.
2004-01-04 Simon Josefsson* sasl.texi: New file.
2004-01-04 Simon Josefsson(Group Score Commands): Add W e.
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2004-01-04 Reiner Steib(Spam ELisp Package Configuration Examples): Markup...
2004-01-04 Teodor Zlatanov(Spam ELisp Package Sequence of Events): explain more
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib(Display Customization): Add mm-enable-external.
2004-01-03 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Category Syntax):
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib* GNUS-NEWS: Update copyright.
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib([5.12]): Fix code example for FQDN in Message-Ids.
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib(Message Headers): Add message-header-synonyms.
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib* GNUS-NEWS: Changed "Dired integration"
2004-01-02 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2004-01-02 Teodor Zlatanov(Top): updated menu with new manual nodes
2004-01-02 Reiner Steib(Foreign Groups): Add `gnus-group-read-ephemeral-group'.
2004-01-02 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Key Index): Untabified.
2004-01-02 Lars Magne Ingebri... (RSS): kindex.
2003-12-30 Reiner Steib(Summary Score Commands): Add `f' to `gnus-score-find...
2003-12-30 Steve Youngs2003-12-31 Steve Youngs <>
2003-12-30 Reiner Steib(Canceling and Superseding): Mention `Cancel-Lock'.
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Maildir): Filled.
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... (Maildir): Filled.
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... * gnus.texi (Group Parameters): Clarification.
2003-12-29 Simon JosefssonRemove accidentally unrelated checkin in last commit.
2003-12-29 Simon Josefsson(Agent Variables): Add.
2003-12-23 Reiner Steib* GNUS-NEWS: Mention change of `e' in draft groups.
2003-12-15 Jesper Harder(Group Parameters): Clarify.
2003-12-12 Kevin Greiner * gnus.texi (Agent Parameters): Added references in...
2003-12-11 Jesper Harder(Mailing Lists): Fix typo.
2003-12-08 Simon JosefssonFix 2003-12-03 commit.
2003-12-04 Katsumi Yamaoka(Fancy Mail Splitting): Close paren of a Lisp function.
2003-12-04 Teodor Zlatanov(SpamAssassin, Fancy Mail Splitting): add
2003-12-03 Simon Josefsson(Flowed text): Fix.
2003-12-02 Simon JosefssonTypo.
2003-12-02 Simon Josefsson(Agent Variables): Fix.
2003-12-01 Jesper HarderAdd missing mode to some @kindex'es.
2003-11-30 Jesper Harder(RSS): Add nnrss-use-local.
2003-11-29 Jesper Harder(subsection*{Notes}): Add `G R'.