mml-sec.el (mml-secure-bcc-is-safe): Keep old Emacsen compatibility
[gnus] / lisp / mml-sec.el
2015-12-28 Katsumi Yamaokamml-sec.el (mml-secure-bcc-is-safe): Keep old Emacsen...
2015-12-28 Jens LechtenboergerIdentify unsafe combinations of Bcc and encryption
2015-01-02 Paul EggertUpdate copyright year to 2015
2014-01-01 Paul EggertUpdate copyright year to 2014
2013-01-03 Paul EggertUpdate copyright notices for 2013
2012-01-05 Glenn MorrisAdd 2012 to FSF copyright years for Emacs files.
2011-01-25 Glenn MorrisConvert consecutive FSF copyright years to ranges.
2011-01-14 Glenn MorrisAdd 2011 to FSF/AIST copyright years.
2010-09-01 Lars Magne Ingebri... Remove arch-tags from all files, since these are no...
2010-05-06 Tommi Vainikainen(mml-secure-message-sign): Fix cut and paste error.
2010-03-23 Katsumi YamaokaSynch with Emacs trunk
2010-01-13 Katsumi YamaokaAdd 2010 to copyright years.
2009-01-22 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2008-05-19 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2008-04-24 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0, emacs--rel--22
2008-01-20 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2007-12-28 Reiner SteibSimplify loading of password-cache or password.
2007-12-16 Reiner SteibAvoid double load of password-cache.
2007-12-16 Reiner SteibMake loading of password-cache or password compatible...
2007-12-09 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0, emacs--rel--22
2007-10-04 Reiner SteibRelicense "GPLv2 or later" files to "GPLv3 or later".
2007-03-06 Daiki Ueno* mml-smime.el (mml-smime-use): New variable; default...
2007-01-24 Miles BaderMerge from gnus--rel--5.10
2006-11-14 Daiki UenoFixed the last commit.
2006-11-14 Daiki UenoAutoload epa-select-keys when compiling.
2006-07-25 Daiki Ueno* mml2015.el: Require mml-sec instead of password.
2006-02-08 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-10-13 Reiner Steib* mml-sec.el (mml-secure-method): New internal variable.
2005-08-26 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-07-05 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-02-22 Simon Josefsson2005-02-22 Arne Jørgensen <>
2005-02-13 Miles BaderRevision:
2004-11-02 Miles BaderRevision:
2004-09-10 Miles BaderRevision:
2004-05-20 Miles BaderAdd arch taglines
2004-02-05 Jesper Harder* pop3.el: Require nnheader.
2004-01-01 Simon Josefsson(mml-default-encrypt-method)
2003-07-31 Simon Josefsson(mml-signencrypt-style-alist): Use separate S/MIME
2003-07-10 Simon Josefsson(mml-signencrypt-style-alist): Use "combined" by defaul...
2003-04-24 Dave Love(mml2015, mml1991): Don't require.
2003-04-20 Simon Josefsson* mml-sec.el: Fix license template.
2003-02-07 Simon Josefsson(mml-unsecure-message): Don't use kill-region. Tiny
2003-01-21 Lars Magne Ingebri... (mml-secure-sign-pgpauto): Renamed.
2003-01-21 Lars Magne Ingebri... 2003-01-21 Andreas Fuchs <>
2002-10-09 Simon Josefsson* mml-sec.el (mml-smime-encrypt-buffer): Warn about...
2002-10-09 Simon Josefsson* mml-sec.el (mml-signencrypt-style-alist): Defcustom.
2002-09-26 Simon Josefsson(mml-signencrypt-style): Docstring to font-lock
2002-05-08 Josh Huberlisp/ChangeLog addition:
2002-05-01 Josh Huberlisp/ChangeLog addition:
2002-04-14 Josh Huberlisp/ChangeLog addition:
2002-03-28 Simon Josefsson* mml-sec.el (mml-secure-message): Search after
2002-03-24 ShengHuo ZHU2002-03-24 Jesper Harder <>
2002-01-29 ShengHuo ZHU * gnus-range.el (gnus-list-range-intersection): Correc...
2002-01-22 Josh Huber2002-01-22 Josh Huber <>
2001-11-12 Simon Josefsson2001-11-12 Simon Josefsson <>
2001-07-25 ShengHuo ZHUCleaning up leading and trailing spaces.
2001-07-15 ShengHuo ZHU2001-07-15 Pavel Jan\e,Bm\e(Bk <>
2000-11-21 ShengHuo ZHU2000-11-21 09:00:00 ShengHuo ZHU <zsh@cs.rochester...
2000-11-18 Simon Josefsson2000-11-18 Simon Josefsson <>
2000-10-30 ShengHuo ZHU2000-10-30 08:52:50 ShengHuo ZHU <zsh@cs.rochester...
2000-10-28 Simon Josefsson(mml-smime-encrypt-buffer): Support certfiles stored...
2000-10-28 Simon JosefssonNew file.