Remove nnml-retrieve-groups that is unnecessary and somewhat problematic
[gnus] / lisp / mail-source.el
2015-09-05 Adam SjøgrenMake the imap mail-source's :mailbox handle a list
2015-08-31 Paul EggertQuoting fixes
2015-08-25 Paul EggertPrefer directed to neutral quotes
2015-02-05 Timo LiljaPop up an error buffer if a mail script fails
2015-01-02 Paul EggertUpdate copyright year to 2015
2014-02-01 Lars Ingebrigtsen* gnus-compat.el (gnus-compat): Declare `declare-functi...
2014-01-01 Paul EggertUpdate copyright year to 2014
2013-04-26 Katsumi Yamaokamail-source.el (mail-source-fetch-pop, mail-source...
2013-04-26 Katsumi YamaokaMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-26 Katsumi Yamaokamail-source.el (mail-source-fetch-pop, mail-source...
2013-04-26 Katsumi Yamaokamail-source.el (mail-source-fetch-pop, mail-source...
2013-01-03 Paul EggertUpdate copyright notices for 2013
2012-10-05 Katsumi YamaokaNew UIDL implementation
2012-07-24 Julien DanjouRemove dead code
2012-01-05 Glenn MorrisAdd 2012 to FSF copyright years for Emacs files.
2011-11-24 Adam Wmail-source.el (mail-source-fetch-maildir): Don't expec...
2011-02-12 Ted ZlatanovMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-09 Ted ZlatanovMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-08 Ted ZlatanovUse new auth-source search API for mail-source, nnimap...
2011-01-25 Glenn MorrisConvert consecutive FSF copyright years to ranges.
2011-01-16 Glenn MorrisRefill some copyright headers.
2011-01-14 Glenn MorrisAdd 2011 to FSF/AIST copyright years.
2010-11-01 Glenn MorrisMerge changes made in Emacs trunk.
2010-10-11 Katsumi YamaokaFox comment for declare-function.
2010-09-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... Remove webmail.el support, which no longer seems relevant.
2010-09-28 Katsumi YamaokaComent fixes; remove Emacs 21 stuff.
2010-09-26 Lars Magne Ingebri... (mail-source-value): Revert previous patch.
2010-09-26 Lars Magne Ingebri... Function needn't be a symbol.
2010-09-09 Lars Magne Ingebri... Remove pop3-movemail and rename pop3-streaming-movemail...
2010-09-05 Lars Magne Ingebri... Don't message if we're fetching mail from a file, and...
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Always move the crash box to the Incoming file. Fixes...
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Really only check the incoming files once in a while.
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Only check the incoming files for deletion once per...
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... (pop3-logon): Fix up unbound variable typo.
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Use streaming pop3 retrieval.
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Add more changes related to the new methodology for...
2010-09-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Rewrite the Gnus group activation method to be more...
2010-09-01 Lars Magne Ingebri... Delete all trailing white space.
2010-09-01 Lars Magne Ingebri... Remove arch-tags from all files, since these are no...
2010-03-24 Katsumi Yamaoka2010-03-24 Glenn Morris <>
2010-01-13 Katsumi YamaokaAdd 2010 to copyright years.
2009-01-26 Teodor Zlatanov* auth-source.el (auth-source-forget-user-or-password...
2009-01-22 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2008-06-11 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2008-05-19 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2008-04-28 Teodor Zlatanovmail-source.el (mail-source-set-1, mail-source-bind...
2008-04-26 Teodor Zlatanov* gnus-registry.el (gnus-registry-split-fancy-with...
2008-04-26 Teodor Zlatanov(mail-source-bind): Don't use user or password if they
2008-04-25 Teodor Zlatanov* mail-source.el: Load auth-source.el.
2008-04-24 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0, emacs--rel--22
2008-04-10 Katsumi Yamaoka2008-04-10 Stefan Monnier <>
2008-03-14 Katsumi Yamaoka(mail-source-delete-old-incoming) Fix regexp to find...
2008-03-08 Reiner Steib(mail-source-delete-old-incoming-confirm): Change
2008-03-01 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0, emacs--rel--22
2008-02-16 Reiner Steib(mail-source-delete-incoming): Change default. Supplem...
2008-01-24 Reiner Steib* mail-source.el (mail-sources): Add `group' choice.
2008-01-20 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2007-12-16 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0
2007-12-09 Miles BaderMerge from emacs--devo--0, emacs--rel--22
2007-11-27 Reiner Steib(mail-sources): Default to fetch from file for
2007-10-04 Reiner SteibRelicense "GPLv2 or later" files to "GPLv3 or later".
2007-06-14 Miles BaderMerge from gnus--rel--5.10
2007-01-24 Miles BaderMerge from gnus--rel--5.10
2006-06-07 Miles BaderMerge from gnus--rel--5.10
2006-04-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... * mail-source.el: Don't require timer/timer-funcs.
2006-04-23 Lars Magne Ingebri... (mail-source-call-script): Message the error
2006-02-08 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-11-23 Dave Love(mail-sources): Fix some :types. Add stream type
2005-10-20 Simon Josefsson* mail-source.el (mail-source-fetch-pop): Require pop3.
2005-08-26 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-07-05 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-02-13 Miles BaderRevision:
2005-01-26 Steve YoungsRemove the need to have run-at-time.el.
2005-01-24 Simon Josefsson(mail-source-fetch-imap): Search for ^From case sensiti...
2004-09-19 Reiner Steib* uudecode.el (uudecode-use-external): Add :version.
2004-06-02 Reiner Steib* mail-source.el (mail-source-directory): Fix doc-string.
2004-05-20 Miles BaderAdd arch taglines
2004-05-17 Lars Magne Ingebri... (mail-source-delete-crash-box): Refactor.
2004-03-08 Katsumi Yamaoka* mail-source.el (mail-source-touch-pop): Doc fix.
2004-01-06 Lars Magne Ingebri... * dgnushack.el (dgnushack-compile): Don't compile run...
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... *** empty log message ***
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... (gnus-version-number): Bump.
2004-01-04 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2004-01-03 Reiner Steib* GNUS-NEWS: Update copyright.
2004-01-02 Lars Magne Ingebri... (gnus-version-number): Bump.
2004-01-02 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... (gnus-version-number): Bump.
2003-12-30 Lars Magne Ingebri... Release commit
2003-12-28 Lars Magne Ingebri... 2003-12-28 Adrian Lanz <>
2003-12-07 Jesper Harder* spam.el (spam-check-spamoracle, spam-spamoracle-learn...
2003-10-17 Lars Magne Ingebri... 2003-07-28 Vasily Korytov <>
2003-10-16 Lars Magne Ingebri... * nnmail.el (nnmail-article-group): Default to "bogus".
2003-10-16 Katsumi Yamaoka(mail-source-fetch-imap): Fix mismatched parens.
2003-10-16 Lars Magne Ingebri... * mail-source.el (defvar): Add post/pre/scripts.
2003-08-30 Simon Josefsson(mail-source-fetch-imap): Pass correct buffer to
2003-07-14 Simon Josefsson(mail-source-fetch-imap): Don't assume
2003-07-08 Jesper Harder(mail-source-movemail): Handle non-numerical
2003-05-13 Lars Magne Ingebri... (mail-source-delete-incoming): Changed to t.
2003-05-02 Dave Love(mail-source-callback): Use mm-make-temp-file.