2015-05-31 Steve YoungsUse a nicer, cleaner syntax calling #'make-glyph master
2015-05-30 Steve YoungsImprove avatar handling
2015-05-30 Steve YoungsRework and optimise the XFace/CFace code.
2015-05-27 Steve YoungsMultiple ICQ nicks? No problem
2015-05-27 Steve YoungsSupport multiple values in the icqnick bbdb field.
2014-07-20 Steve YoungsFix relation undefined error.
2014-07-16 Steve YoungsLog annoying FLAP errors instead of interupting with...
2013-08-22 Steve YoungsNote to self: test BEFORE committing
2013-08-22 Steve YoungsFix the auto-away timeouts properly this time.
2013-08-22 Steve YoungsTypo fix
2013-08-22 Steve YoungsImprove auto-away/na timeouts
2013-08-22 Steve YoungsAllow disabling auto-away/auto-na timeouts.
2013-08-18 Steve YoungsQuickfix wrong type arg error
2013-08-18 Steve YoungsFix a Wrong type argument error.
2013-02-25 Steve YoungsNicer notifications
2013-02-25 Steve YoungsBetter notification handling.
2013-02-23 Steve Youngss/TAG/TAGS/ in .gitignore
2013-02-23 Steve YoungsNotifications fix
2013-02-23 Steve YoungsMake notifications work in KDE
2012-02-04 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'notify'
2012-02-04 Steve YoungsSend notifications for incoming messages.
2012-01-13 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'pkt-ignore'
2012-01-13 Steve YoungsIgnore an unimplemented packet (4/b)
2011-12-11 Steve YoungsIgnore an unimplemented pkt
2011-12-11 Steve YoungsPrevent contact list management errors
2011-12-10 Steve YoungsFix long-standing unknown snac error
2011-12-10 Steve YoungsSome new packets, fixing "Unknown SNAC" errors.
2011-05-15 Steve YoungsRegexp fix.
2011-05-15 Steve YoungsMerge branch 'logbuffix'
2011-05-15 Steve YoungsFix movement commands in emchat-log-mode.
2010-11-01 Steve YoungsUpdate copyright notices in all files.
2010-11-01 Steve YoungsTiny update to NEWS pretty much just to test my git...
2010-10-31 Steve YoungsIgnore some tla-isms
2010-10-31 Steve YoungsAdd auto-autoloads, custom-load, custom-defines to...
2010-10-31 Steve YoungsUpdate Makefile auto-versioning for git
2010-10-31 Steve YoungsInitial git import v0.9.6